Understanding your baby's due date

Only 3% of babies are born on their due date so there is a very small chance that your baby will arrive on that due date. Really it shouldn’t be called a ‘due date’ but rather an ‘estimated due date’.

It’s normal for you to fixate on this one day that your baby is due to arrive, and become very disappointed if that day arrives and you continue to remain pregnant.

Instead, you should focus on and plan for a ‘due month’ because it's normal for your baby to be born anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks. All women have different gestations. Some women, for example, will give birth at 37 weeks while other women might give birth at 42 weeks.

So, take your baby's due date and instead plan for a due month, allowing two weeks before the due date and up to two weeks after the due date for your baby to be born, a 4 week or one month window.

Your baby initiates the labor process by sending out hormones. As hard as it is, be patient, listen, and wait for your baby to be ready naturally.

A labor that starts naturally is more likely to end naturally.

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