Putting together your birth plan

Giving birth is one of the most important events of your life. You will remember this day forever. To set yourself up for a positive birth experience try and be as prepared as possible. A good way to do this is to create a birth plan.

Birth plans can be a great opportunity to open up discussion with your partner, birth companion and medical team about what type of labour and birth you would like to have. There are many unknowns in childbirth, but having some plans and ideas in place before you go into labour can be beneficial so that on the day of labour you are not unsure of, or debating what you want. If unforeseen circumstances arise then you and your partner or birth companion are both clear about what course of action you would like to take.

Aim to put together a birth plan that is short and sets out the most important preferences for you and your baby.

An example of what to put into your birth plan is below:

  1. Who would you like to be at your labour.
  2. The birthing environment - quietness, lights dimmed, LED candles, music and privacy etc.
  3. Ability to move around the room at all times and change positions.
  4. Intermittent electronic foetal monitoring only.
  5. Option to use the shower, bath or birthing tub.
  6. No asking about your pain levels or offering drugs, they will be asked for if required.
  7. No routine vaginal examinations.
  8. Ability to be in any position for birthing and to be able to move around.
  9. Partner or birth companion to assist with birth and cutting the cord.
  10. Baby to be handed to you as soon as possible after birth for skin-to-skin contact.
  11. Cord to not be clamped or cut until pulsing stops.
  12. Breastfeeding support / lactation consultation advice.

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